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The VEGA electro-acupuncture equipment is a non-invasive method of detecting sensitivities and imbalances.

Organ disorders, allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are easily detected.

Our VEGA equipment detects the cause of pain and chronic illness. This allows a holistic treatment program which concentrates on both the causes and the symptoms.

About VEGA

VEGA medical products can be found all over the world. VEGA Medicine is part of the globally active Grieshaber-Group, with over 1400 employees.

Employing more than 800 highly-qualified personnel from around the world; VEGA develops and manufactures level gauges. This equipment is designed for precise measurements in highly sensitive environments.

The medical division was created in 1979 as a subsidiary of a technology enterprise with decades of experience to draw from and state of the art facilities at its disposal. VEGA prides itself with its electro-acupunture equipment, which has been instrumental in the discovery and healing of many illnesses.

VEGA Medicine tests its diagnostic and therapeutic devices in collaboration with physicians and therapists. These devices go into production only after they have cleared our safety and quality standards.

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