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First aid for ingrown hairs: prevent & remove

An ingrown hair is a (body) hair that has been shaved off or pulled out earlier and is now not growing out again in a good way. The hair is 'locked' in your skin.

The hairs of your legs, armpits or bikini line that you have hardened or depilated, need to re-emerge through the skin surface. This goes well in nine out of ten cases, but sometimes it does not. The hair remains below the skin surface. Very annoying, because an ingrown hair can start to ignite and irritate.

Shaving or waxing: what is better?

Whether you get ingrown hair is different per person. One is more sensitive than another. This has to do with how thick your skin is, but also with your preference for shaving or waxing. Someone who shaves her legs, armpits and bikini line generally has less trouble with ingrown hairs. The ingrowth of hairs occurs more quickly when the hair is removed with root and all, something that is the case with resins and epilation. How is that? The hair follicle can start to irritate when the hair is pulled out. When shaving shave the hair down to the skin surface, giving ingrown hair less chance.

Help! An ingrown hair. What now?

Yet an ingrown hair? Annoying! You can recognize an ingrown hair on a thickened hair follicle. Sometimes you see the hair itself (curled up) sitting under the skin surface. In most cases, the thick hair follicle is inflamed and pus has developed.

To get rid of your ingrown hair, it is advisable to disinfect the infected hair follicle with clean hands. Squeeze the 'pimple' so that all dirt is removed. Sometimes the ingrown hair comes out, sometimes not. It is best to remove the hair by carefully pulling it loose with tweezers. Then wash the area of ??the ingrown hair with a mild soap to prevent further bacterial spread. Possibly you can calm the skin with a cooling, nourishing cream.

Prevent ingrown hairs

Prevention is better than cure, that certainly applies in the case of ingrown hairs. The main issue in the prevention of ingrown hairs is to keep the skin supple, thin and clean. A skin that is stripped of dead skin cells and not too thick, makes hair grow much better. Whoever has waxed or depilated, will see that the hairs have less trouble growing out when the skin is smooth and smooth. How do you achieve that? Exfoliate, exfoliate and scrub again.

Do not be afraid to use a scrub with a coarse grain on your bikini line, armpits or legs. Your skin can have it. Scrub about three to four times a week: dead skin cells are removed and the skin stays smooth and thin. In this way, new hairs can find their way out better.

Preferably choose a scrub with the ingredient salicylic acid. This is an ingredient that works disinfecting and also exfoliating. Ideal for ingrown hairs!

Laseren against ingrown hairs

If you want to be sure that ingrown hair is a thing of the past, you can consider laser hair removal . Hair removal with laser treatments is effective against ingrown hairs, because a laser completely destroys both the hair and the hair follicle. What is no longer there can not become inflamed or become ingrained, and so laser is the only structural solution for ingrown hairs.

To go through life completely smooth, about six laser treatments are required. Approximately six weeks should be between each treatment. The laser does not hurt and the result is long-lasting: the hair stays away for years. After a few years, the treatments may be repeated.

Want to read more about laser hair removal? In this article you can read everything about the working method, the costs and experiences of others.


Ingrown hairs are annoying and can even hurt a lot. Prevent them by regularly scrubbing - so you keep the skin smooth and thin. Do you really want to get rid of your (ingrown) hairs? Laseren is the solution.